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Let us tell you about MiGrowth.

Founded in 2019, MiGrowth is a specialist recruitment business based in the heart of Birmingham, England. We have a genuine passion for helping employers hire the right people for their business, and have spent many years studying the most effective ways to attract, select, and assess candidates across the UK and Europe.

Our team has over 50 years combined recruitment experience, in sourcing and assessing commercial talent across a range of industries, including Technology, FMCG, Manufacturing, Construction and Automotive.

Why we're different.

All too often, hiring managers make ill informed and biased recruitment decisions, by assessing candidates in non-quantifiable ways. When this happens, the cornerstones of the selection and assessment process are based primarily on either gut instinct, familiarity, or similarity. Needless to say, when making hiring decisions on this basis, the resultant outcome has a negative impact on both the commercial success, and culture, of your company. 


To tackle this issue, MiGrowth offers a unique service which utilises our own pre-assessment software (MiAssessment) to provide hiring managers with job relevant  data on candidates' performance, which in turn allows for more informed recruitment decisions. This results in increased inclusion, removal of discrimination, and ultimately ensures that the best candidate for the role is always put forward. 


The MiAssessment software can be tailored to any job role,  and is part of our standard offering to all of our partners.

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