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Full Stack Software Solution Architect

Job Location

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Published By

Louise Wright

Type of Job

Full Time


£90, 000 - £110, 000

Published Date

May 24th 2022

About the job

MiGrowth are proud to partner with a global digital engineering and technology company. As a Design, Build, and Maintain partner for leading organizations worldwide, the company takes solution ownership across the value chain to help customers focus on their core, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve.

What you will be doing

May 24th 2022


· 12 to 15 years of Technical experience.

· Full stack dev., data analytics and AI, interop and system integration.

· Expertise in designing systems and protocols for Medical devices - Connected care devices.

· Strong expertise in developing protocols as per HL7, DICOM, HIPPA requirements.

· Image processing -software development in any of the imaging systems: CT/MRI/X-Ray.

· Device driver’s development for medical devices.

· Expert-level knowledge in DevOps, build, deployment, and configuration management systems for heterogeneous, multi-platform software; DevOps, CI/CD tools & frameworks, Infrastructure Automation, Test Automation.

· Should be well versed with Object-Orientation concepts, design patterns & UML.

· Strong experience in Communication/ Networking/Internet Protocols as well as country specific requirements.

· Solution Architecture, Enterprise Integration, Messaging, Streaming, Patterns.

· Microservices, Cloud-native, Kubernetes, Docker, Service Mesh (Istio, Envoy), CNCF ecosystem, gRPC/protoBuf, Prometheus, Grafana.

· Scrum Master experience.



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