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How MiGrowth Became MiGrowth

For this first post within MiBlog, we figured it would make sense to start at the beginning - right at the beginning, where the idea of MiGrowth was first formed. To tell this tale, we have to go back to 2019 where social distancing was something you reserved for family occasions with relatives you chose to avoid, and mask wearing was exclusively a Halloween activity. COVID 19? Well in 2019 you'd probably of guessed it was an online game rather than a virus which would change life as we know it - oh when times were simpler.

Back then Gary Janes and Louise Wright, our founders, were both working for a large recruitment firm, and doing as most recruitment firms do - sourcing and assessing candidates by their CVs alone. However, after years of witnessing the same prehistoric approach to recruitment yielding ill informed, and often ineffective hiring decisions, the pair started to explore why CV centred hiring was fundamentally flawed. After delving into the topic it became apparent that not only were businesses making hiring decisions on the wrong data, they often had very little relevant information to go on. To this end HR specialists were choosing to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds hiring candidates solely on the rhetoric that “we really liked them” or “there was just something about them”. Needless to say when said individual turned out to not be a good fit, these hiring managers were left scratching their heads as they wondered how they could have got it wrong after such a successful interview.

The sad reality is - who could blame them, especially when assessments often charge per candidate invitation, hence making them unscalable. Therefore, despite the numerous studies into how we can accurately predict future job performance, recruitment for the best part, hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. Non-quantifiable hiring decisions are still made, based on a desire to hire people like ourselves, or people we feel we will get along with. Needless to say, this not only limits inclusion, but actually promotes discrimination too. Therefore, rising from the ashes, the heroes of our story Gary and Louise chose to take a leap of faith, leave their previous employer along with outdated CV centred recruitment behind, and began a brand new venture - cue drum role, and bright lights - and founded MiGrowth.

Over the passing two years Gary, Louise, and the newly assembled team have strived to differentiate MiGrowth and the services we offer from that of other recruitments firms, and in doing so built our pride and joy, MiAssessment. Put simply, the MiAssessment software assesses cognitive ability, integrity, job fit, and culture fit, in an effort to provide hiring managers with job relevant data on candidates' performance, which facilitates more informed recruitment decisions. This results in increased inclusion, removal of discrimination, and ultimately ensures that the best candidate for the role is always put forward. The best part is that MiAssessment is FREE to all of our partners, does not charge per candidate invitation, and can be customised to fit any role. This enables organisations to make the right decision without incurring cost implications.

Therefore, going forward, we at MiGrowth are keen to utilise the MiAssessment software with as many organisations as possible, in an effort to improve the quality of hire across multiple industries by pre-assessing candidates prior to interview. We might not be able to change recruitment as a whole, but we're certainly going to try - one role at a time.


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