Who are we?

Let us tell you why we're unlike any other recruitment firm. 

Our Mission is to grow both the careers, and businesses, of our clients through a recruitment model that favours factual scientific data over preconceived opinions. 

Having worked within the recruitment industry for many years, the founders of MiGrowth were frustrated by the ill informed, and often ineffective, hiring decisions they had witnessed by many organisations. Exploring the reasons for this, it became clear that not only were businesses making hiring decisions on the wrong data, they often had very little relevant information to go on. Therefore, decisions were often made around the rhetoric of “we really liked them” or “there was just something about them”.


Despite the numerous studies into how we can accurately predict future job performance, recruitment for the best part, hasn’t changed for hundreds of years. Non-quantifiable hiring decisions are still made, based on a desire to hire people like ourselves, or people we feel we will get along with. Needless to say, this not only limits inclusions, but actually promotes discrimination too.


Therefore, in forming MiGrowth, we wanted to develop a service that helped businesses look at people differently. We do this by providing organisations with the software (MiAssessment) in which to hire the best possible candidate for the role, whilst giving all candidates a fair opportunity when being assessed.

The MiAssessment platform provides employers with an insight into the potential suitability of candidates for a specific job role.

Through research into the the various studies that explore predicting future job performance, we discovered that there were assessments that candidates could take before even interviewing with a business. This allowed for a more accurate prediction on their future performance, than the atypical details included on a CV. 


Based on the findings from our research, we formed our own software development team, and created the unique MiAssessment software,  which sits right at the start of our recruitment process. The MiAssessment platform provides employers with an insight into the potential suitability of candidates for a specific job role, as well as applicants' work based preferences, which centre on culture fit. 


In order to genuinely help businesses make better hiring decisions, and ensure that we provide the optimum service to our clients, we have decided to include this pre-assessment tool in our standard recruitment offering. 

Meet The Team


Ryan Johnson

Head Of Digital

Overseeing our branding, marketing, and website management, Ryan has a flair for the creative, which he cultivated whilst studying his MBA at university.

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Louise Wright

Associate Director

With over 20 years experience working in both technology sales and recruitment, Louise has won numerous awards as a recruitment consultant, and prides herself on her ability to forge long lasting relationships. 

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Gary Janes

Managing Director

Boasting over a decade of recruitment experience, Gary has worked as a managing director for several large firms, which he draws from when both placing candidates and looking to fulfil roles. 

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Nick Downham

EMEA Talent Specialist

A seasoned recruiter with a passion for helping professionals develop their career, Nick is vastly experienced in adding value, whilst ensuring that both clients and candidates are thoroughly satisfied.

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All passionate about ending discrimination within recruitment, our team is what really makes MiGrowth so special! 

MiGrowth is committed to helping businesses hire the right person in a non-bias or discriminatory way.

“Having worked in recruitment for over 15 years, I was often shocked at some of the reasons candidates were both hired, and rejected. This ranged from being overweight, needing to have played a musical instrument, or worse of all, clear evidence of racism and discrimination. 


I felt that we needed to do something about this, as it was in our capacity to make positive change. I looked at it from the hiring managers point of view, and considered how we can help them make better and more informed decisions. As of course, like any decision, the more accurate the data, the more likely that there will be a successful outcome.


Every recruitment business I’ve worked for or seen, all say they want businesses to hire the right person, but in truth none of them actually do anything to help businesses achieve this. MiAssessment is testimony to MiGrowth’s commitment to helping businesses hire the right person in a non-bias or discriminatory way.


I’ve spent years studying how to accurately assess candidates and I’m really proud of the difference this is going to make to both businesses and careers.”

Gary Janes, MiGrowth Managing Director.

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