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About MiAssessment

Using Science to predict future job performance

MiAssessment is a unique online platform that provides hiring managers with relevant data on candidates before you even meet them

Many people regard hiring as an art rather than a science, but according to the CIPD and many occupational psychologists, the way we think, act, and make decisions all follow a very scientific process. Therefore, based on scientific studies, we have developed a unique online platform to provide you with relevant hiring data on candidates before you even meet them. This will enable you to make informed decisions based on the information that matters, such as cognitive ability, integrity, job fit and culture fit.


In addition to benefitting from our team's recruitment expertise in sourcing talent, MiGrowth partners will also receive FREE use of our MiAssessment platform, which does not charge per candidate invitation, and can be customised to fit any role. 


Let us tell you more about our unique MiAssessment software

How We Work

Step 1 - Brief

Our team will take a detailed job brief to understand the exact requirements for the available position. We will then collectively identify 5 core competencies required for the role. Clients can select any 5 from our pre-established list of 17 core competencies, which are as follows:

  • Achievement Motivation

  • Accountability

  • Adaptability

  • Ad Hoc

  • Attention to Detail

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Customer Service

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 

  • Influence

  • Initiative

  • Leadership

  • Negotiation

  • Organisational Skills

  • Problem Solving

  • Resilience

  • Results Focused

  • Teamwork 

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Once we have established the core competencies, we will then issue you with the MiGrowth hiring guides, which we have created to help our partners make justifiable hiring decisions which directly benefits their organisation.

MiGrowth Designs - Candidate Dashboard.p

MiGrowth will market your role through a range of avenues in order to source appropriate talent in line with the previously discussed role requirements. Once suitable talent has been identified, we will then discuss the available position at length with the candidate(s), in order to ascertain their eligibility, and interest. Once established, we will then invite said candidate(s) to complete a bespoke MiAssessment test, centred on the five core competencies identified within the 'Brief' stage, which will take approximately 30 minutes.


Illustrated below is the dashboard candidates will login to when invited to complete their MiAssessment test.  

Step 2 - Source

Step 3 - Assess

Upon finalising the MiAssessment test, candidate assessment reports are automatically generated. Our team will then present both the candidate's CV and MiAssessment report, in order to provide as much information as possible to the hiring manger, which they can utilise to probe key areas during interview.

Here is a report that will be generated for each candidate after finalising the MiAssessment tests. We do not place a limit on the amount of reports generated, nor do we charge per report.

MiGrowth Designs - Candidate Report P1.p

When it comes to making a decision, our partners will have all of the below resources available to them, in order to ensure they make the right decision for their business:

  • MiGrowth hiring guides

  • Candidate's CV

  • MiAssessment Report

  • Guidance and support of the MiGrowth team


These measures ensure that our clients make justifiable selection decisions based on relevant hiring data, rather than gut instinct. 

Step 4 - Decision


Still got questions? Why not visit our FAQ page

Benefits include:

  • Cost Effective and Scalable - Unlike many assessment tools, MiGrowth does not charge you per candidate invitation, making it ideal for junior to mid-level hires.

  • Remove Bias - We generate data on a candidates' responses, which allows businesses to make decisions purely based on the results. Justifying your hiring and selection decisions on quantifiable data helps your recruitment processes become more ethical.

  • Screen Out or Uncover Hidden Gems Whether you are receiving lots of applicants or need to uncover hidden talent, MiAssessment helps you generate data that typical recruitment processes fail to uncover. This enables you to rule out unsuitable candidates, and also uncover applicants you would have otherwise rejected.

  • Enhance your Candidate Experience -  Candidates believe they can do a job, but their CV doesn’t demonstrate relevant previous experience. Assessing candidates using the MiAssessment software informs both you, and the candidate, whether the role, and your business, is right for them.

  • Improve your Hire Quality -  Extensive research has shown that cognitive ability and integrity testing yield high predictive validity scores. Candidates who score well in both of these areas tend to perform better in roles.

  • Reduce Costs - According to the Recruitment Employment Confederation a poor hire can cost a business around £132,000. Whereas, according to LinkedIn's Global Recruiting Trends survey, 67% of businesses are not doing a good job of understanding quality of hire.

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