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Let us help you find a professional who can revolutionise your department

Why MiGrowth?

Why MiGrowth?

With the prevalence of social media, finding talent has become increasingly easier, so why would you want to use a recruitment agency? Well at MiGrowth, what's important to us is not just what we do, but also how we do it. To start with, our 'job briefing' process means we capture key information that really attracts both passive and active talent, to ensure that we are able to position your opportunity to maximises the level of interest captured.
Once we have suitably marketed your available position, we'll utilise our MiAssessment platform to provide you with an incredible insight into all candidates before you have even met them. We'll provide you with unique reports on each applicant centred on role specific questions, as well as applicants' work based preferences, which you can tailor to your organisation. This results in increased inclusion, removal of discrimination, and ultimately ensures that the best candidate for the role is always put forward.

Person Analyzing Data

What We Specialise In

Having recorded decades of experience successfully recruiting positions from from entry level through to directorships, our team have worked with some of the biggest organisations globally within the Technology, FMCG, New Media, Business Product and Services, and Learning and Development sectors, of which we specialise.

Within these sectors, we concentrate our efforts on the following three areas:  


  • Sales Executive

  • Telesales

  • Technical Sales

  • Technical Account Manager

  • Presales Engineer

  • Account Manager

  • Key Account Manager

  • National Account Manager

  • Sales Director

  • Chief Revenue Officer

  • Channel Account Manager

  • Business Development Manager 

  • End User Account Manager

Working Together on Project


  • Marketing Executive

  • Marketing Manager

  • Channel Marketing

  • Digital Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Partner Marketing

  • Events Marketing

  • Chief Marketing Officer


  • Solutions Architecture

  • Software Architecture 

  • Software Development

  • Networking / infrastructure

  • Data Engineering 

  • Data Science

  • Data Analysis

  • Business Analysis 

  • Project Management

  • Software Engineering

  • Cloud Solutions

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