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Sales & Marketing Recruitment

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Based in Northamptonshire, MiGrowth is excited to announce a new specialist team. This dedicated division of experienced individuals, armed with our Bespoke MiAssessment software, are here to help you find the right person for your role. 

Our Story

MiGrowth's new Sales & Marketing team is based in Northamptonshire and headed up by our Managing Director Gary Janes. Gary has worked in Sales recruitment for over 15 years. In 2010 he launched his own award-nominated recruitment business before leaving to run the UK Sales recruitment business for global recruitment company Hudson. Gary has led teams of recruiting sales professionals across a number of sectors including FMCG, IT, Logistics, Manufacturing and Construction.


Gary is also passionate about candidate assessment and is the driving force behind our MiAssessment software. During those 15 years working in recruitment, he's seen it all and became frustrated by the ill-informed, and often ineffective, hiring decisions witnessed by many organisations. Exploring the reasons for this, it became clear that not only were businesses making hiring decisions on the wrong data, they often had very little relevant information to go on. Therefore, decisions were often made around the rhetoric of “we really liked them” or “there was just something about them”.

In forming MiGrowth, we wanted to develop a service that helped businesses look at people differently. To do this, we not only provide the expertise of our team, which have over 50 years of combined recruitment experience, but also FREE use of our MiAssessment software, in order to aid our partners hire the best possible candidate for the role, whilst giving all applicants a fair opportunity when being assessed.

Meet The Team

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