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MiAssessment: Breaking the Mould

If you've taken the opportunity to read our previous MiBlog post How MiGrowth became MiGrowth - and we very much hope you have, it's a good one! - then you'll be familiar with the motivators behind our founders Gary and Louise starting the business, in the hope of creating positive change within recruitment. Well in this MiBlog, we want to concentrate on how the idea of MiAssessment was formed.

MiAssessment, for any readers not familiar, is our bespoke assessment software which we utilise to understand the cognitive ability, integrity, job fit, and culture fit of candidates, so that we can present said findings to hiring managers prior to interview. These findings are illustrated in reports without identifiable data such as name, age, and gender in an effort to give all candidates a fair opportunity when being assessed. The concept was initially formed back in 2020, when having witnessed the various forms of discrimination candidates suffered throughout the recruitment process, Gary and Louise sought to find an alternate to CV centred hiring, which unfortunately facilitates decisions to be made on personal characteristics, rather than on predictive role performance.

Over the passing five years numerous articles have listed the difficulties faced by individuals from ethnic minority backgrounds when seeking to attain employment, and achieve progression. Tellingly, one BBC article highlighted how British citizens from ethnic minority backgrounds have to send, on average, 60% more job applications to get a positive response from employers compared to their white counterparts. For us at MiGrowth, what is more shocking than this article, is the lack of action taken by those within the recruitment industry in an effort to tackle this issue. Therefore, feeling compelled to address this problem first hand, we began a year long process of developing our MiAssessment software in order to combat discrimination, promote inclusion, and provide employers with the best candidate for the role regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or any other factors which are irrelevant to role performance.

Now while candidate assessment is nothing new, our approach to it is. Most organisations who assess candidates through software charge per candidate invitation, however at MiGrowth, we do not. This ensures that not only is the software scalable, but it can be used for a multitude of roles, from entry level up to the most senior positions within your organisation. Furthermore, as the MiAssessment software is included FREE as part of our standard offering, it is not hidden behind a secret paywall, and therefore is something all of our partners can benefit from. We have purposely set these parameters in an effort to encourage as many businesses as possible to look at people differently, change their approach to recruitment, and tackle discrimination at source.

Going forward we're looking to constantly develop the software, by continually adding more features that aid both usability, and functionality. Ultimately, our aim is not only to have a software that generates meaningful results, but one that is loved by both clients and candidates alike.


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